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Lil Kim on TV This Week

Apparently.. it's race relations week - I'm just kidding, but these are extra shows I plan to "TIVO" this week.

The first item is on Wednesday's Oprah - Sanaa Lathan from the movie Something New - a romantic comedy about interracial relationships - Black Woman/White Man.

I was excited that Barry and I had planned to go see this while I was in California... and it wasn't playing anywhere in town! Barry told me that in his backwards little town, all the theatres had refused to show the G-Unit movie a few months before. In 2006. I know. It's not like he lives in Gang Central. But I would say they are rather conservative there.

Anyway I have always liked Sanaa in many other movies, Best Man, Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Disappearing Acts and Out of Time. Now that I am back, I haven't made a point to go see this movie, but I will TIVO the Oprah episode on Wednesday March 8.

And here is an article at asserting that this is a new trend - Black Women/White Men... "Would You Get Your Swirl On?"

Secondly, also on March 8, "Black. White." premieres on F/X. The basic premise is they took one black family, one white family, did killer Hollywood makeup jobs on all of them, and sent them out in the world to film their experiences as members of another race.

First of all, the cast members already did the Oprah show and I could kind of sense how things went. The white head of family, Bruno, did not experience things as tough as he thought he would ("I walked onto a user car lot several times and I was always greeted and helped within a few minutes"). This seemed to irritate the black head of household, Brian, who said that Bruno wouldn't recognize the discrimination anyway, because he hasn't lived it his whole life.

In a way, Brian reminds me of my ex. So many times, he'd have a difficulty with someone at work, or in the community, and it always seemed to me he'd attribute these difficulties to his skin color. "He didn't like me because I'm black. The only reason I am not getting ahead with that supervisor is because he doesn't like black people." It became exhausting. And yes, I can't know what it's like to live as a black person. But my ex never wanted to admit that the common denominator in all of his personal relations, was his attitude. N-E-way, that's a whole other post.

At the same time, aforementioned Brian, goes to bartend (as a white man) in a predominantly white bar, and gets a racist earful from a patron. As a white person, I was just cringing. Alot of black people do believe white people have those kinds of conversations behind their backs, and so now let's show one on TV! DAMN! I was left with an uncomfortable feeling that this show does anything but foster understanding. If anything it amplifies the differences more.

However, the show is getting alot of promo. There has been a sneak preview thing showing on DirecTV, including the Ice Cube video "Race Card" which is the show theme song. The have a little interview thing with Ice Cube that made me believe he is excited to be a part of this project, and then learned he is an Executive Producer. Go, Ice.

Also see the My Space Promo Page for Black. White. It seems a little less buggy to me than the F/X page.

March 8, THURSDAY night, on BET, the six part series "Countdown to Lockdown" which is a reality series shot about Lil Kim just prior to her beginning her prison sentence. I know - more "reality" tv, but I'm curious. I do think she is one of those artists that's going to come back stronger than before because of her experiences. This one is produced by Tracey Edmonds, best known as a producer of Showtime's "Soul Food" and the wife of singer-music producer Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds.

Production partners Queen Bee Entertainment and Edmonds Entertainment deliver full access to Lil' Kim's life and her entourage as she paints the town twenty-four hours a day attending sexy fashion shows, star-studded parties, music video shoots, and glamorous shopping trips. Lil' Kim then begins the physical transformation to becoming Kimberly Jones -- peeling off the layers of hair extensions, acrylic nails and stage make-up. Final destination: the penitentiary, where Kimberly turns herself in to authorities. This is Kim's real life with all of its glamour, drama, comedy and hardship.

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